The Aero is a stylish bike shelter. Its robust and contemporary design allows cycle storage for up to 10 bikes with minimal maintenance, ideal for schools and workplaces.

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A robust, contemporary cycle shelter that requires no maintenance.
Design Features
  • Provides storage for up to 10 bicycles.
  • Curved design helps natural fall-off of rain and snow.
  • Durapol Material ends will not rot, chip or rust.
  • Air gap at rear prevents build-up of litter inside the shelter.
  • Never needs painting.
  • Tested in a wind tunnel with gusts up to 60mph - no damage.
  • Eight fixing points provide stability and reduce ground leverage.
  • Optional PETG end panels provide added weather protection.
  • Choice of cycle parking options - 8- or 10-place 'toast rack' cycle hoops or individual Sheffield cycle stands.
  • Supplied fully assembled ready for immediate fixing to a prepared concrete base.
Ends: Anthracite Grey.
Cladding: Clear.
Roof skeleton: Silver.
Ends: Durapol™ Material.
Framework: Aluminium with Armortec™ Coating.
Cladding: 4mm high-impact clear PETG thermoplastic glazing.
Joining plates: Mild steel with Armortec™ Coating.
Cycle stands: Galvanised steel or steel with Armortec™ Coating.
Height: 2200mm.
Width: 4200mm.
Depth: 2200mm.
Glasdon International | Aero™ Cycle Shelter
Aero Shelter - Installation
Aero™ Shelter - Product Testing
Glasdon International | Wind Tunnel Testing | Aero™ Shelter