Beacon™ Large Modular GRP Building System

With exceptional insulation, the Beacon GRP Modular Building System makes an impressive focal point, ideal for gate houses, security control centres, visitor reception buildings, toll booths and vehicle check–in kiosks.

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For prestigious projects that require an impressive focal point.
Design Features
  • Exceptional insulation cuts heat loss during winter and heat gain during summer.
  • Thermal break extrusion reduces internal condensation.
  • Concealed rainwater management system guides run-off to ground-level corner outlets.
  • Perimeter roof fascia provides convenient fixing points for signage.
  • Full-width panel glazing improves site security surveillance.
  • Attractive internal wall lining and suspended ceiling create a pleasant working environment.
  • Extensive choice of colours for walls and framework ensures Beacon Modular Buildings will co-ordinate with your corporate themes.
  • Wide range of panels and optional features, including lighting, heating and ventilation, to meet the most demanding specifications.
  • Available in standard panel increments of 1.22m - Beacon buildings can be configured from 1.22 x 1.22m to 6.10 x 4.27m.
  • Multiple units can be connected together if a larger unit is required.
  • Delivered fully assembled and off-loaded by crane.
  • The building can be relocated at a future date if required.
  • Available with a pitched roof for outdoor siting or a flat roof for internal or undercover applications.
Walls, roof fascia: Light Grey.
Framework: Natural anodised aluminium.
Beacon can be supplied in any colour from the RAL or BS 4800 ranges on request.
Roof and wall panels: Smooth semi-gloss Glassfibre-reinforced polyester (GRP).
Framework: Aluminium.
Height: 2964mm (outdoor roof), 2584mm (indoor roof).
Internal Length: up to 9.76m
Internal Width: from 1.22m to 4.27m.
Weight: 295kg-3270kg, depending on size and specification.
Beacon™ Modular Building Walkthrough
Beacon™ Modular Building Delivery