Belta™ Litter Bin

An attractive economical open-topped litter bin available with a choice of sack retention belt designs. Perfect for children’s outdoor play areas, such as playgrounds, parks, nurseries or primary schools.

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  What is this? Colour
Sack retention belt:

This economical litter bin with sack retention belt is ideal for busy playgrounds.  The open top design makes it easy for children to "hit the target" every time.

 Choice of sack retention belt, either Dinosaur design or 'Please Keep Our School Tidy'.

Design Features
  • Sack retention belt.
  • Choice of sack retention belt designs, either Dinosaur design or 'Please Keep Our School Tidy' What is this? Choice of retention Belt
Body: Red, Dark Blue, Yellow
Bin body: Durapol™ Material
Height: 730mm
Diameter: 484mm
Weight: 5.7kg
Capacity: 110 litres
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