The Bi–Rak cycle shelter is a highly robust and low maintenance bicycle and motorcycle storage solution with a choice of bike hoops and bike rings. Ideal for industrial and commercial sites.

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Robust bicycle parking with over 25 years of proven success.
Design Features
  • Stores bicycles or motorcycles.
  • Available as a roof-only model or with roof and back.
  • Plastic-coated steel cladding available with weather-face side in either blue or grey.
  • Specify shelter only or choose from three combinations of place rings or hoops.
  • Optional end cladding offers additional weather protection.
  • Supplied fully assembled ready for immediate fixing to a prepared concrete base.
Framework: Grey, Green, Red, Black.
Plastic-coated steel cladding weather face: Ocean Blue, Goosewing Grey.
Plastic-coated steel cladding reverse face: Light Grey.
Framework: Steel with Armortec™ Coating.
Cladding: Plastic-coated steel.
Cycle hoops and rings: Steel with Armortec™ Coating.
Height: 2086mm.
Width: 3670mm.
Depth: 2230mm.