The Warrior Modular Building System provides versatile, cost–effective accommodation for a range of applications including security buildings, factory offices, toll booths, information kiosks, passport control offices and ticket sales kiosks.

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Flexible, cost-effective accommodation for a range of applications.
Design Features
  • Available with a pitched roof for outdoor siting or a flat roof for internal or undercover applications.
  • Plastic-coated steel panels will retain their smart finish for many years with minimal maintenance.
  • Robust, corrosion-free aluminium framework.
  • Delivered fully assembled and off-loaded by crane.
  • Can be manufactured in other shapes (e.g. octagonal).
  • The building can be relocated at a future date if required.
Walls: Moorland Green.
Non-standard wall options: Aztec Yellow, Goosewing Grey, Poppy Red, Solent Blue, White.
Roof fascia: Light Grey.
Framework: Natural anodised aluminium.
Wall panels: Plastic-coated steel.
Pitched roof: Fully insulated Glassfibre-reinforced polyester (GRP).
Flat roof: Composite panel.
Height: 2719mm (outdoor roof), 2340mm (indoor roof).
Internal Length: up to 7.32m.
Internal Width: 1.22m or 2.44m.
Weight: from 185kg to 1870kg, depending on size and specification.
Warrior™ Modular Building System - Time Lapse Construction
Glasdon International | Warrior™ Contemporary Modular Steel Building