Carleton™ Perch Seat

This space–saving wall mounted perch seating is ideal for bus stops, train stations, outside break areas at workplaces and schools, and for outdoor smoking areas. It is designed to withstand adverse weather conditions and vandalism.

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Seat pan:
  What is this? Seat pan
Wall-fixed perch seating available in three sizes.
Design Features
  • Three sizes available: 600mm, 1200mm or 1800mm seat lengths.
  • Choice of Enviropol™ Material, Timberpol™ Material or grade 315 stainless steel.
  • Supplied fully assembled ready for wall mounting by our customers.
Seat ends: 100% recycled cast aluminium with Armortec™ Coating.
Seat pan: Enviropol™ Material, Timberpol™ Material or grade 316 stainless steel.
Length: 676mm (600), 1276mm (1200), 1866mm (1800).
Depth: 216mm.
Height: 305mm.
Enviropol™ Material slats: 13kg (600), 22kg (1200), 31kg (1800).
Timberpol™ Material slats: 14kg (600), 23kg (1200), 32kg (1800).
Stainless steel seat pan: 8kg (600), 10kg (1200), 12kg (1800).
Recommended fixing height from ground to top of seat: 750mm.
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