The Carleton shelter is available in a variety of sizes and colours with options of domed, flat and pitched roofs. It is ideal for bus stops, train stations, smoking shelters and outdoor break areas. A perch seat is also available with this shelter.

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Pre-assembled or self-assembly shelters in a host of styles and finishes.
Design Features
  • Nine standard layouts.
  • Three roof styles.
  • Flat roof models available as self-assembly shelters.
  • Panels available in toughened glass, thermoplastic glazing or blank GRP in a choice of colours.
  • Can be supplied fully assembled ready for immediate fixing to a prepared concrete base, or in kit form for self-assembly by our customers (smaller layouts only).
Framework: Natural anodised aluminium.
Flat roof: Alaska Grey.
Curved/pitched roof: Grey tinted.
Blank panels: Green, Light Grey, Red.
Seat: Light Grey.
Timetable board: Black.
Framework: Anodised aluminium.
Flat roof: Pre-finished steel skins with 32mm high-density foam core.
Domed/pitched roof: 3mm tinted high-impact thermoplastic sheet.
Blank panels: 6mm textured GRP sheet.
Timetable board: Aluminium with Armortec™ Coating.
Height: 2300mm (flat roof), 2613mm (pitched roof), 2608mm (domed roof).
2 bay long x 1 bay wide: 2180mm x 1115mm.
3 bay long x 1 bay wide: 3245mm x 1115mm.