Cruiser 50™ Walk-behind Grit Salt Drop Spreader

Walk–behind manual gritter with large spread width. Cruiser 50 is ideal for carparks and roadside, other capacities available.

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Spreads dry, damp or wet grit/salt mixture.
Design Features
  • Can be used with dry, damp or wet material.
  • Continuous rippling action of the rubber plate within the hopper ensures the gritting material does not clog.
  • Rotating rubber paddles scoop material from the trough and dispense it evenly.
  • Adjusting handle allows accurate, controlled spreading, eliminating waste and keeping costs down.
Length: 1115mm.
Width: 790mm.
Height: 560mm (load), 955mm (overall).
Maximum payload: 90kg wet brown rock salt.
Unladen weight: 48kg.
Area of coverage: 900m² @ 100g/m².
Cruiser Manual 50 Salt / Grit Spreader Demonstration