Cost-effective outdoor smoking shelter. Delivered fully assembled for immediate and hassle-free installation without any additional assembly charges.

Echelon™ Smoking Shelter

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Echelon™ Smoking Shelter has been tested by a structural engineer to ensure it can withstand strong wind and harsh weather conditions.

The robust 3mm thick Armortec™ coated mild steel frame ensures the shelter has a long service life. While the curved polycarbonate back panels provide overhead shelter.

This model of the Echelon Shelter (frame and clear, curved polycarbonate back panels) is delivered pre-assembled and therefore there are no additional assembly charges. This also means that the shelter does not require any customer drilling thus preventing damage to the frame and preserving the Armortec™ coating which protects the frame from corrosion.

Echelon Smoking Shelter is supplied ready for immediate surface fixing on to concrete using the self-tapping anchor bolts supplied. The minimum base size required is 4115 x 2285mm. The base should be flat, level and a minimum thickness of 200mm concrete on to hardcore.

Design Features
  • Standard model is pre-assembled with rivnuts fitted into Armortec™ coated holes prevents corrosion of steel frame.
  • Curved design helps natural fall-off of rain and snow.
  • 3mm thick Armortec™ coated steel frame to ensure long service life.
  • Standard model is delivered fully assembled using Hi-Ab vehicle ready for immediate fixing to a prepared concrete base.
  • Built to withstand strong winds and harsh weather.
  • UV protected 3mm polycarbonate back panels.
  • 4 x 12mm thick adjustable feet with 4 fixing points in each to provide stability and reduce ground leverage.
  • Self-tapping anchor bolts supplied as standard.

Anthracite Grey

Product Options
  • Tamper resistant Armorings Kit (Kit of 12) - for covering 12 x ground fixings. Use in conjunction with each ground fixing for additional security.


Frame: Armortec™ coated mild steel.
Panels: Clear polycarbonate.

Height: 2195mm
Width: 4000mm
Depth: 2170mm
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