Ideal for offices and businesses, the Envoy indoor litter bin is designed to be wall–mounted or sit against walls delivering a waste management solution using minimal space.

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A range of unique D-shaped litter bins.
Design Features
  • Choice of swing top or open top.
Bin: Black, Dark Blue, Deep Green, Red, Millstone, Sandstone.
Bin body and top: Durapol™ Material.
Metal liner: Zinc-coated steel.
Chrome rim: Mild steel with chrome-plated finish.
Capacity: 110 litres (without liner), 82 litres (with metal liner).
Height: 860mm.
Width: 540mm.
Depth: 375mm.
Weight: 6.5kg (open top, without liner), 7.5kg (swing top, without liner), 12.1kg (open top, metal liner), 13.1kg (swing top, metal liner).
Glasdon International | Envoy™ PPE Disposal Bin - 110Ltr