The Glasdon Guide to Manual Salt Spreaders

At Glasdon, we provide a range of manual salt spreaders, all of which will help protect your workplace from frost, ice and snow.

Our simple-to-operate, push along gritters are ideal for use with rock salt, grit or ice melt (we recommend Glasdon Icemelt™), whilst also offering the ability to maximise coverage across larger surface areas.

Take a look at our range of manual salt spreaders below:

Turbocast 300™ Salt Spreader

Adjustable wide-spread spinning action allows a spread width of 3-7 metres
Turbocast 300 in action Spreads dry, damp or wet grit/salt mixture
Balanced weight distribution, meaning unit can easily be pushed along, even when fully laden
Hopper manufactured from corrosion-resistant, double skinned-Durapol™
Easy to empty
Slim design
Range of settings allows accurate controlled dosing
All-mechanisms are protected to prolong service life
Solid rubber-cushioned tyres

For more information and some further maintenance advice and top-tips, take a look at our guide to keeping your grit spreader in perfect working order.

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Icemaster Manual 50™ Salt Spreader

Corrosion-free Durapol Material hopper holds up to 55kg of dry de-icing sale (we recommend Glasdon Ice-Melt™)
Broadcast spinning thrower plate spreads the material evenly and consistently, the faster you walk, the further it spreads!
Low maintenance materials for hassle-free use
Icemaster 50 montage image A wide range of spreading settings allows for accurate control of spreading
The rotary agitator allows for a consistent spread by breaking up the grit salt
Removable mesh filter sieves the spreading product before it enters the hopper
Sealed Durapol Material gearbox protects gearing system from harmful contaminants

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If you would like any further information on any of our manual salt spreaders, why not contact us today?

Alternatively, browse our wider winter safety range, where you can also find towable salt spreaders, grit bins, snow shovels, Icemelt, Ice Grips and salt spreader servicing packages.

09 January 2019
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