Winter Safety Equipment Maintenance

As parts of the Ireland turn decidedly autumnal, a large number of our customers are beginning to think about their safety responsibilities when winter rolls in.

As well as ensuring you have enough grit or salt for the months ahead, and that grit bins are conveniently located to maximise coverage, keeping grit spreaders in prime condition is key to a smooth season.

Glasdon Turbocast 300 Grit Spreader and Turbocast 1000 Gritter feature the patented "Minimax" spreading system, which offers variable dispersal settings and requires no extra power source to operate. The mechanism in our broadcast spreaders requires a little maintenance to keep it at its best.

Maintenance Tips

1. It's important to make sure your machine is completely empty of grit before putting it away – especially if it's not going to be used for a while. Salt is hygroscopic (it absorbs moisture) and if left alone in the bottom of a gritter it will set like concrete. Attempting to wheel the gritter with old salt in the works is likely to cause damage to the broadcast mechanism.

2. Before each use, check that all fixings are secure and tighten if necessary. Lubricate moving parts with grease, WD40 or similar.

3. Rock salt is extremely corrosive and will rapidly rust through bare metal – it's important to touch up any scratches or dings to the metalwork of your gritter with a "Hammerite" type of paint to prevent this. This is why the metal components on Glasdon grit spreaders are treated with an Armortec™ Coating for maximum protection.

If anything goes wrong with your gritter this season, don't panic! We have experts on hand who can help you diagnose your problem, and we keep a large supply of spares in our warehouse that can be despatched immediately to help keep your site free of ice and snow hazards.

To talk to us about your winter safety requirements, call us on 1800 656 606, or email enquiries@glasdon.ie today.

15 September 2015
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