Focus on Restaurants and Fast Food

Hygienically designed, durable products for restaurants and fast food chains to cater for all your needs. Includes waste management products with liquid reservoirs, dedicated graphics and foot pedals, as well as outdoor shelters, picnic seating, smoking control solutions and poster display signs. Our specialised range has been designed with all eating establishments in mind, from fine dining to cafés and drive-thru restaurants.

Many of the products featured in this range have been selected based on the most effective solutions chosen by our customers, for use in some of the most popular fast food franchises including McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King.

The Combo Delta™ Large Capacity Litter Bin is frequently used indoors in food courts, and outdoors at drive-thru restaurants, where users can access the wide aperture from the comfort of their car. The target and ‘thank you’ graphics encourage users to throw their waste into the bin opening to decrease littering in car parks and on perimeter roads. This large-capacity waste receptacle is available for personalisation to incorporate your brand’s colours, messages and branding.
See how McDonald’s have used our customisation service to adapt our products to their fast food restaurants.

Our Combo™ Waste Bins range also features litter bins with swing lids, tray tops and tray holders, perfect for use in shopping centre food courts and canteens.
Find out why you should Go Combo for Quick Service Waste Management.

Single-use items such as disposable cups often end up in landfill, but due to increased awareness, more and more companies are now working together to ensure that coffee cup recycling is on the rise. We supply high-quality cup recycling bins to collect and dispose of used paper or plastic cups across the hospitality industry, perfect for cafés, coffee shops, restaurants and food halls. Complete with dedicated cup stacking units, liquid reservoirs and drip trays, these recycling stations are ideal to encourage correct cup disposal both front and back of house.

Download our eBook for the what, why and how to of on-the-go cup recycling.

For commercial kitchens and food preparation areas, our hygienically designed catering bins such as the Nexus® Shuttle Food Waste Bin feature large foot pedals and closing lids for a non-contact solution to waste disposal.

Looking for a way to display your current offers with maximum visual impact? We supply highly visible poster displays, available as wall mounted or free-standing models to suit your location. Single or double-sided, the Advocate™ Floor Poster Display Sign is extremely robust and durable and allows you to change your posters quickly and easily.

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