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Help to keep working areas clean, safe and tidy with high-quality, low-maintenance Glasdon products for manufacturing environments. Our range features waste management solutions including internal waste and recycling bins, highly resilient electrical enclosures and equipment cabinets, and products for maintaining on-site safety measures such as smoking control and road bollards.

We understand that different manufacturing environments have various requirements and needs, which is why we offer a broad range of solutions to suit any industrial workspace. From warehouses to factories, we’ve got products to suit any area in the manufacturing sector.

Implementing effective waste management systems is a necessity in any workplace. We manufacture an exceptional range of indoor and outdoor recycling solutions including multi-stream, space-saving stations, transparent sack holders and individual single-stream containers in coordinated ranges. Many of our waste containers are available with personalisation to help improve waste diversion rates within your workplace. See our guide on How to Encourage Employees to Recycle

For workspaces where employees, vehicles and machinery are all on the move, we recommend using waymarking bollards to guide staff and visitors safely through your site. Our road safety equipment is manufactured from highly durable materials and comes in a variety of styles to suit your needs. Our range of passively safe bollards are also crash-tested to BS EN 12767 to prioritise driver safety and can be supplied with a variety of fixing options.

Create designated areas around your site for smoking and get on top of cigarette litter with our selection of low-maintenance cigarette bins and multipurpose shelters. Choose from panelled shelters and wall or post mounted smoking canopies, ideal for outside office buildings, factories, and warehouses.
See our selection of multi-purpose shelters to discover other ways in which you can create an organised external space.

It is crucial that all electrical and other equipment is housed efficiently and securely. Our IP rated cabinets and GRP enclosures are ideal for storage and protection and are corrosion, vandal and weather resistant, making them easy to maintain throughout their long service life. The Element™ GRP Housing incorporates GRP panels which feature a semi-gloss and outer laminate making it suitable for all conditions with an inner laminate layer providing flame retardancy.

For more information on any of our products for the manufacturing industry, please contact us or alternatively talk to us online via the Live Chat feature.

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