Recommended COVID-19 Products

A wide range of high-quality products to support COVID-19 control measures and health and safety procedures within any environment. Featuring hand sanitiser stations, PPE bins, ‘keep your distance’ signage and more, these products are designed for maximum hygiene and visual impact complete with a long service life.

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Glasdon have developed a large range of COVID-19 products designed to help businesses and organisations implement effective control measures throughout the current pandemic. From dedicated signage to encourage social distancing, to sanitiser stations and temperature checkpoints, our products offer expert quality and optimal performance for a long service life.

Ensure maximum hygiene levels are maintained throughout your premises, by siting hand sanitising stations at frequent intervals within buildings and by entrances and exits.

Our Advocate™ Sanitiser Stations feature large, single or double-sided sign faces complete with holding brackets, to securely attach hygiene equipment such as hand sanitisers and wipes. Ideal for use indoors or outdoors, these stations offer maximum visibility to encourage use and promote good hygiene. For a portable, compact solution, our Infomaster™ Hand Sanitiser Station features dedicated signage and a narrow footprint, complete with an external ballast made from 100% recycled material for ease of manoeuvrability.

For areas where floor space is minimal, our hand sanitiser wall brackets can easily be attached to a wall to provide users with an area to sanitise their hands. These brackets are available with graphics and a lock kit, ideal to securely attach hand gel or other dispensers without risk of unauthorised removal.

Temperature testing upon entry to your premises is a great way to help safeguard staff and visitors alike from exposure to potential risks. The Genesis™ Temperature Screening Stations are ideal for use outside supermarkets, leisure settings, airports and workplaces, to ensure safe distancing can be maintained for both those testing and being tested.

Clear, highly visible signage is a great way of getting your social distancing messaging across. Choose from free-standing or wall-mounted sign holders, ‘keep your distance’ signage, social distancing markers and more, to help maintain safe distancing at your premises.

Looking to improve the collection and subsequent disposal of used personal protective equipment (PPE) within your facility? Our wide range of PPE Bins feature styles, sizes and designs to suit every environment. Our best-selling Nexus Shuttle™ PPE Bin features a secure lid with a foot-operated pedal for efficient, hands-free disposal. Ideal for use in indoor environments, this bin has a sizeable capacity and smooth surfaces for increased hygiene.

Most Glasdon products can be personalised to your requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact our experts via LiveChat today to find out more.

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