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Glasdon are a leading manufacturer and supplier of sustainable solutions for universities and colleges. We specialise in designing products which help to create and enhance quality environments across campus, be it in the classroom or lecture theatre, out on the university grounds or in student accommodation. Our extensive range includes road safety bollards, smoking shelters, waste management products, seating solutions and more, for use in around your university.

All the products in this section have been selected as the preferred options of Facilities and Estate Managers of universities across Ireland. We have a wealth of experience providing customised recycling bins for colleges and higher education institutions. Recycling stations are essential for managing waste and should be readily available to students and faculty members.

Students are now more environmentally focused than ever, so why not inspire them to make sustainable choices by siting multi-stream recycling stations around campus. These recycling stations provide waste management solutions to compartmentalise many different types of recyclable waste, including paper, plastic bottles, used drinks cans, batteries, mixed recyclables and more. We can even customise your recycling bins to create bespoke recycling stations to suit the objectives of your university’s recycling programme via our personalisation service. Read our 5 Tips to Improve Communal Recycling for more helpful ideas.

Our university litter bins are designed to perfectly compliment university and college landscapes and have been constructed to resist effects of adverse weather conditions, corrosion, and vandalism. The highly popular Glasdon Jubilee™ 240 Litter Bin utilises traditional styling and is available in multiple colours to best suit your location. Four large apertures ensure that this litter bin is accessible from every angle to encourage use and decrease littering.

Explore our range of innovative and sustainable eco-friendly picnic benches and seating. Designed to withstand all types of weather conditions, these benches are an ideal addition to any outdoor space around your college landscape. Our wheelchair accessible models are a more inclusive solution to traditional picnic seating. Featuring extended table edges, these recycled plastic picnic tables can comfortably seat two persons either side whilst providing full wheelchair access.
Find out more about how Glasdon Raise the Eco-Benchmark with Recycled Material Seating Solutions.

We also supply a selection of hard-wearing cigarette bins including both wall mounted and free-standing ashtrays to help create a clean and safer smoking area. Site alongside a smoking shelter or canopy to provide weather protection for smokers all year-round.
Need more help? Take a look at our helpful guide on How to Choose a Cigarette Bin for more information.

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