Perfect for airports and military zones the FOD 90 is equipped with aperture flaps, which provides a robust solution for foreign object debris collection.

FOD 90 Bin

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FOD 90 offers a large 90 litre capacity, high security 4 point keyless locking system and low maintenance smooth surface.

The whole bin body lifts off the base, the liner then requires only a short lift.

Design Features
  • Keyless locking system or 5-point keyed lock.
  • Zinc-coated steel liner or moulded plastic liner.
  • Aperture flaps to keep debris contained.  What is this?
Hood: Bright Red, Yellow, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Light Green, Deep Green, Black, Light Grey, White.  What is this?
Plinth: Dark Grey.
Aperture flap: Black
Product Options
  • Keyed Lock or Keyless Opening
  • Liner:
    Metal Liner
    Moulded Plastic Liner
  • Fixing Options: What is this? Ground Fixings
    Concrete Foundation Fixing Bolts x3 (A)
    Paving Slab Fixing Bolts x3 (B)
    Concrete-in Anchors (Adjustable Depth) x3 (C)
    Flush Ground Fixing Device (D)
    Ground lock™ Fixing System (E)
    External Ballast (19kg) (F)
    Internal Ballast (20kg Concrete) (G)
Bin body: Durapol™
Metal liner: Zinc-coated steel
Moulded plastic liner: Polyethylene
Bin volume: 110 litres
Liner capacity: 90 litres
Height: 1000mm
Diameter: 545mm
Weight: 15kg (with steel liner)
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