Glasdon Jubilee™ 110 Mixed Glass Recycling Bin

Ensure your recycling area looks smart with the Glasdon Jubilee 110 Mixed Glass Recycling Container. Ideal for narrow pavements, parks and other public areas.

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Top Graphic
Top Graphic
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Can be sited individually or in a bank to create an on-street recycling point.
Design Features
  • Domed hood.
  • Four apertures.
  • Anti-flyposting finish.
  • Robust interlocking slam-shut door.
  • Concealed knuckle hinge.
  • Liner tray/bait box area.
  • Co-ordinated colour banding.
Bin body and door: Black (100% recycled material), Dark Blue, Deep Green, Anthracite Grey, Millstone.
Aperture panel and banding: Dark Aqua.
Bin body and door: Durapol™ Material.
Metal liner: Zinc-coated steel.
Moulded plastic liner: Polyethylene.
Capacity: 110 litres.
Height: 1158mm.
Width: 598mm.
Depth: 553mm.
Weight: 29.5kg (with metal liner).