Auto-Mate™ PPE Waste Bin

3-in-1 PPE Bin, Towel Dispenser & Glove Dispenser

The Auto-Mate™ is an outdoor PPE litter bin, towel dispenser and glove dispenser in one space–saving unit.

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Gloves for Auto-Mate™ Petrol Forecourt Bin
Towels for Auto-Mate™ Petrol Forecourt Bin

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Auto-Mate PPE Bin is a litter bin, towel dispenser and glove dispenser in one space-saving unit.

Specially designed for busy areas Auto-Mate is manufactured from Durapol™ Material and will not chip, rust or corrode, and never needs painting.

Auto-Mate is the preferred choice of many national chains and can be supplied in custom colours for contract customers. For more information, please contact our sales team.

Design Features
  • Two large PPE litter apertures
  • Ballast-weighted towel dispenser ensures only one towel is taken each time
  • Hinged glove and towel cover with twist lock for added security
  • Removable lid allows for easy emptying
  • Refills for gloves and towels available.
  • Supplied with 1 pack of towels and 1 box of gloves
  • The optional Screen Clean Station forecourt bin attachment creates a 4-in-1 solution for your petrol forecourt. What is this? Auto-Mate with Screen Clean Station attachment
Standard colours: Black, Red, Light Grey, Dark Blue.
Other colours are available on request
Product Options
  • Twin keyed lock kit for glove and towel cover and keyed push lock for litter bin
  • Single keyed lock for litter bin
  • FireSafe Automatic Fire Suppression Device (600g)
  • Fixing Options What is this? Fixing Options
    • Concrete Foundation Fixing Bolts x 3 (A)
    • Paving Slab Fixing Bolts x 3 (B)
    • Concrete-in Anchors (Adjustable Depth) x 3 (C)
    • Flush Ground Fixing Device (D)
    • Ground-Lock™ System (E)
    • External Ballast (19kg) (F)
    • Internal Ballast (Concrete) (G)
    • Optional Screen Clean Station attachment What is this? Auto-Mate with Screen Clean Station attachment
      • with Standard Fixing Kit for easy installation and removal
      • with Permanent Fixing Kit to prevent unauthorised removal after installation
    Bin body and lid: Durapol Material.
    Metal liner: Zinc-coated steel.
    Litter liner capacity: 85 litres
    Height: 1160mm
    Maximum diameter: 450mm
    Glove box dimensions: 175 x 155 x 15mm
    Towel pack dimensions: 105 x 237 x 120mm
    Weight: 15kg (with metal liner)
    Glasdon International | Auto-Mate™ Petrol Forecourt Bin
    Glasdon International | Auto-Mate™ PPE Waste Bin
    Glasdon International | Screen Clean Station™ Forecourt Bin Attachment