BigFoot™ 60 PPE Pedal Bin

Foot-Operated PPE Bin for Hands-Free Use

A modern, 60 litre pedal bin ideal for collecting used PPE within schools, offices and commercial environments. Designed for hands-free operation with smooth, easy to clean surfaces, this pedal bin offers maximum hygiene for both the user and operator. The slow-closing mechanism and hinged lid is designed to withstand repeated use in professional environments. Available as a 35, 60 or 85 litre model with dedicated PPE graphics.

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PPE Graphics:
  What is this? PPE Graphics
Lid Graphic
Lid Graphic
Upper Body Graphic
Upper Body Graphic
Lower Body Graphic
Lower Body Graphic
(Other colours and graphic options are available.)

BigFoot 60 Litre PPE Pedal Bin is perfect for use in indoor spaces including schools, offices, factories and any indoor space. Featuring a large, heavy-duty foot pedal with a hinged lid, the BigFoot pedal bins are ideal for collecting used personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves hygienically and efficiently.

The BigFoot range offers hands-free PPE disposal for increased user comfort and hygiene. The pedal-operated lid features a robust hinge complete with a slow-closing mechanism, allowing for the continuous opening and closing of the lid without inflicting heavy wear and tear. The soft close feature eliminates noise, whilst lid overlaps help to minimise odours.

Smooth surfaces and contours make the BigFoot PPE bins easy to clean, whilst integrated bag holders allow for quick and efficient sack replacement for added ease for the operator. These pedal bins feature a white, matte finish, offering a premium look which requires little to no maintenance. Small footprints allow the BigFoot to be sited in areas where floor space is limited, whilst anti-slip feet ensure the bin doesn’t move when operating the pedal.

BigFoot 60 PPE Waste Bin can be supplied with a PPE Disposal Point graphic on the lid and/or on the front of the bin body on either the upper or lower areas. PPE stickers in non-standard sizes may also be available. Please request a quote.

This 60 litre pedal bin has a sizeable capacity minimising the need for frequent emptying of the bin contents. Alternatively, the BigFoot is also available as a large 85 litre PPE pedal bin as well as a smaller 35 litre PPE model, ideal for use within small offices or commercial bathrooms. BigFoot can easily be used to form a standardised waste management scheme within office buildings and commercial environments where varying capacity waste bins are needed.

If you would like to add custom signage or company messaging to your BigFoot PPE Bin, our personalisation team will be more than happy to help. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Design Features
  • Pedal-operated lid offers hands-free operation for increased user comfort & hygiene
  • Large foot pedal ideal for repeated use
  • PPE graphic supplied with the bin as standard. Choose between graphics on the lid and/or the front of the bin body  What is this? BigFoot PPE Bins Graphic Options
  • Personalisation & non-standard graphic sizes also available – please request a quote
  • Slow, soft-closing lid mechanism eliminates noise
  • Smooth design ensures surfaces are quick and easy to clean
  • Sizeable 60 litre capacity ideal for offices and commercial settings
  • Anti-slip rubber bumpers on bin feet
  • Robust, stainless steel lid rod
  • Bag holder system for quick and easy replacement of sacks
  • Small footprint ideal for areas where space is limited
  • Compliant with HACCP food safety guidelines
  • Lid overlaps onto the bin body to help avoid odours
  • Available as a 35, 60 or 85 litre PPE pedal bin  What is this? BigFoot PPE Models - 85L, 60L & 35L
Bin Body & Lid: White
Foot Pedal & Rubber Feet: Black
PPE Graphics: Blue
Product Options
  • PPE Disposal Point Graphic:  What is this? BigFoot PPE Bins Graphic Options
      Lid Graphic
      Body Graphic - Upper Area
      Body Graphic - Lower Area
      Lid & Upper Body Graphics
      Lid & Lower Body Graphics
      For custom graphics, logos or branding, please request a quote
Bin Body & Lid: Duraplene™ Material
Anti-Slip Feet: Rubber
Lid Rod: Stainless Steel
Capacity: 60 litres
Height: 690mm
Width: 390mm
Depth: 390mm
Weight: 2.7kg
    Lid: 240mm x 90mm
    Front of Bin Body - Upper Area: 240mm x 90mm
    Front of Bin Body - Lower Area: 240mm x 220mm
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