Infomaster™ Portable Sign Bollard

Ideal for social distancing signage / COVID-19 Information

The portable Infomaster Bollard is ideal for displaying social distancing measures and other COVID-19 information, wherever you need to. Complete with base and a single standard sign face, this versatile sign carrying bollard is available with a choice 5 standard designs. Add an additional sign to the reverse of the bollard if positioning centrally. Alternative signs and personalisation also available, please request a quote.

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Use as a portable marker with sign to front and optional sign to the reverse to grab attention and remind employees, visitors or customers about your new distancing measures.

Bollard is available in rigid Durapol™ material in black or millstone and comes complete with round, sturdy base made from 100% recycled plastic and a single vinyl graphic.

Choose from 5 standard social distancing signs with graphics: 'Keep 2 metres apart', 'Keep 1 metre apart', 'Please keep your distance', 'PPE Disposal Point' and 'COVID-19 Testing Centre'. Alternative signs are available and we also offer personalisation on this product so you can provide your own message and our design team will create the graphics for you. Please request a quote.

Design Features
  • 5 standard signage designs available
  • Easily re-sited with portable fixed base.
  • Rigid Durapol Material construction.
  • Optimum height for drivers.
  • Recessed signface deters vandalism.
Bollard: Black, Millstone.
Product Options
  • Single or Double Sided Signage
  • Sign Face Options:
      PPE Disposal Point
      COVID-19 Test Centre
      Please keep your distance
      Keep 1 metre apart
      Keep 2 metres apart
    Custom signage may be available. Please contact us.
Bollard: Durapol Material. What is this? Durapol Material
Base: 100% recycled plastic.
Graphic: Vinyl.
All retroreflective materials supplied by Glasdon are as recommended in table NA1 of the National Annex of BS EN 12899-1:2007 Fixed Vertical Road Signs.
Height with base: 1271mm (Infomaster 1196mm, Base 75mm).
Width of base: Ø500mm.
Total weight: 25kg (Infomaster 6kg, Base 19kg).
Sign face dimensions: Recessed area, 308mm x 248m. Vinyl graphic: 304mm x 244mm.
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