Nexus® 50 PPE Waste Bin

Ideal for Offices & Reception Areas

Collect used PPE, face masks, coverings and gloves efficiently in office environments and reception areas. Nexus 50 PPE Waste Bin is a stylish unit with a slim footprint which makes it easy to site in accessible locations. The PPE Disposal Point graphic helps users know where to dispose of their masks and gloves, keeping the waste separate from other recyclable waste streams. Optional lock and additional sign kit also available. Includes free delivery.

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Reusable Woven Polypropylene Sack for Nexus® 50
Waste Sacks - size A
Reusable Woven Polypropylene Sack for Nexus® 50
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  What is this? Reusable woven polypropylene sack
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A4 Sign Kit:
  What is this? A4 Sign Kit

Nexus 50 PPE Waste Bins are stylish units with a slim footprint. This makes them ideal for placing in office environments, such as at the end of desks without causing an obstruction or beside entrances / exits in reception areas.

Nexus 50 PPE Waste Bins are lightweight so they can be easily moved around to different locations.

Easy to empty and clean. The front-opening door can be removed to slide a full sack of PPE waste out without strenuous lifting.

The bin has smooth interior and exterior surfaces that can be quickly wiped clean to help maintain a high level of hygiene at all times.

Design Features
  • Sack retention system.
  • Removable door.
  • Non-marking Durapol™ Material feet.
Bin body: Mid Grey.
Door: Pastel Grey.
Aperture: Grey.
Bin body & door: Duratec™ (Contains Recycled Material)
Sack retention system: Durapol® (Contains Recycled Material)
Capacity: 50 litres.
Height: 680mm.
Width: 295mm.
Depth: 510mm.
Weight: 4.2kg.
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