Genesis™ Temperature Checking Station

1.5 x 1.5m Screening Station

Portable GRP kiosk, ideal as a temperature checking / screening station or other on-site health and safety checkpoint. Fork lift points built into the frame for ease of portability. Insulated with a range of optional interior fixtures and fittings.

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Genesis Temperature Screening Stations are ideal for use in workplaces, commercial and retail settings to securely check temperatures of those entering the facility. The tester is able to stand inside the kiosk, with the testee outside the pod, in order to maintain safe distancing and protect the welfare of those both testing and being tested.

Our GRP kiosks are robust, strong and portable. Insulated and weather resistant they are ideal for a large variety of outdoor applications such as ticket kiosks, toll booths and petrol forecourts kiosks.

The GRP kiosks are available in a wide range of sizes that are low–maintenance and affordable with the option of personalisation for brand and information exposure. Other sizes include 2.3 x 1.5m, 2.3 x 1.5m double sliding window and 2.7 x 2.2m.

From cash ticket kiosks, car parks, goods inward offices to security gate houses and sentry posts, our optional extras offer a versatile and comfortable accommodation solution for employees.

Our GRP kiosks come as standard with fully flame retardant white panels.

Please note: This model requires a forklift truck with 1200mm long forks (minimum) for customer off-loading. If you do not have access to a forklift truck, please advise us at your time of order. We can arrange delivery using a crane-equipped vehicle at an additional charge. Please request a quote.

External Graphics - Genesis Kiosks can be personalised with graphics in the areas highlighted below. Please contact us or request a quote.

Design Features
  • Excellent internal finish – aesthetics and maintenance
  • Flame retardant panels
  • Textured grip surface flooring
  • Galvanised frame and ground fixing plates
  • Fork lift points built into the frame for ease of portability
  • Extremely flexible range of external graphic options
Panel Composition: External and Internal pigmented gelcoat backed with flame–resistant GRP laminate either side of a core of plywood and flame–retardant insulation foam relevant to each panel.
Roofs: Insulated as standard and manufactured in one piece
Floors: Textured Tulsa mesh grip surface on 22mm Plywood board
Glazing: Thermally toughened soda-lime silicate safety glass
Doors: Aluminium door with Europrofile cylinder mortice lock
Weight: 290 Kg
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