Cigarette Bins & Outdoor Ashtrays Ireland

We’re here to help you keep cigarette waste under control on your premises, with a wide range of quality, hard wearing smoking bins. The Glasdon collection offers everything from free standing ashtrays and cigarette bins to wall mounted ashtrays.

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Manage cigarette waste outside your workplace, leisure site or restaurant with our wall mounted, post mounted or glass mounted cigarette bins. Modern and attractive, these compact smoking control bins offer a flexible and quick solution for cigarette butts without taking up too much space of outside your premises.

These cigarette waste containers can be mounted onto a wall, or post mounted in most outdoor locations, making these smoking bins perfect for public places, pubs, event venues and stadiums to manage cigarette litter.

Our wall mounted & post mounted cigarette bins have stubber plates and smokeguard devices offering maximum fire resistance.

Alternatively, we also offer large capacity litter bins with optional hood mounted ashtrays and aperture stubbing plates. View the outdoor litter bin range for more details.