The Retriever 50 is a dog waste container can be attached to lamp posts or walls. This external pet waste solution is ideal for public areas and has an internal fire shield to resist vandalism.

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The Retriever 50 dog waste bin, available in deep green or red as standard, is an easily identifiable dog waste container designed to encourage users to clean up after their pets.

Made from strong and robust Durapol™ material, this dog waste container requires minimal maintenance and is weather and vandal resistant.

The Retriever 50 is supplied with a ‘Dog Waste Only’ logo as standard and has a choice of fixings for post or wall mounting. The contemporary design of this dog waste bin makes it suitable for a variety of outdoor locations including recreational areas and parks.

Complete with various chute system and liner options, this dog waste bin is the ideal sanitary solution to help trap in unwanted odours and improve user hygiene levels. The triangular DIN lock ensures added resistance to vandalism and unauthorised access.

The Retriever 50 dog waste bin features the innovative Mainbrace™ stainless steel backbone, which remains attached to the wall or post during emptying and cleaning.

Design Features
  • Ultra-destruct 'Dog Waste Only' logos
  • Choice of chute - steel with Armortec™ Coating or Durapol Material
  • Internal fire shield (available with steel chute and metal liner only)
  • Triangular DIN lock - key to open, slam to lock
  • Mainbrace stainless steel backbone
  • Choice of metal liner or sack retention system
Bin: Red, Deep Green
Lid: Grey
Bin body and hood: Durapol Material
Chute: Durapol Material or Steel with Armortec™ Coating
Mainbrace backbone: Stainless steel
Sack retention system: Stainless steel
Metal liner: Zinc-coated steel
Capacity: 50 litres (without liner), 35 litres (with metal liner)
Height: 725mm
Width: 500mm
Depth: 400mm
Weight: from 7.4kg (Durapol Material chute and sack retention model)
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