The Modus™ is a high capacity piece of street furniture that houses waste away from the streets. This external litter housing is ideal for outside building blocks and offices where presentation is important.

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Modus is a high-capacity housing that securely contains a wheeled bin in a tidy manner.

Modus is available in two sizes - a 770 model designed to house a 600, 660 or 770ltr wheeled bin, or a 1280 model designed for either 1100 or 1280ltr containers.

A hooded peak helps to protect the aperture from the elements. The Vandalex™ frame provides exceptional strength and weather resistance. The Modus Housing features a base skirting to keep pests out and conceal the door wheel, which is adjustable to ensure easy opening. A stainless steel hinge provides strength and security.

The Modus Housing features extremely strong Ecoboard™ panels. The core of the Ecoboard panels contains 100% recycled material which is made from post consumer and post industrial recycled waste. The material will not chip or rust and never needs painting.

We recommend that a risk assessment is undertaken to identify an appropriate location for your waste collection and recycling units. In order to reduce risk, some organisations decide to place the units a minimum of 5 metres away from buildings. Any potential risk can be further reduced by maintaining a regime of regularly emptying the unit. You may also wish to consider installing a Glasdon FireSafe.

Design Features
  • Choice of Modus 770 which can house a 600 litre, 660 litre or 770 litre wheeled bin or Modus 1280 which can house a 1100 litre or 1280 litre wheeled bin.
  • Aperture panels and graphics (supplied with Recycle Now-compliant General Waste graphics as standard - contact us for alternatives, including personalised graphics.)
  • Vandalex material frame provides exceptional strength and is vandal and weather resistant.
  • Extremely robust Ecoboard panelling contains 100% recycled material.
  • Durapol hood encloses the wheeled bin inside the unit, offers weather protection and provides security.
  • Hood peak provides extra weather protection to the apertures.
  • Chute behind the apertures helps to ensure that litter enters the wheeled bin.
  • Front-opening design with door stay feature provides easy access to the wheeled bin inside.
  • Features a 3-point locking system.
  • The door features a handle and stainless steel hinge.
  • An adjustable door wheel enables easy opening of the door and levels the door on uneven surfaces.
  • Base skirting provides a guard around the base of the housing, to minimize the risk of pests entering the housing and also conceal the door wheel.
  • Supplied fully assembled.
  • Bolts for permanent ground fixing into concrete.
Frame: Silver.
Panelling: Dark Grey.
Aperture: Black.
Hood: Anthracite Grey.
Frame: Aluminium with Vandalex™ Coating.
Hood: Durapol™ Material.
Panelling: Ecoboard™ Material.
Height: 1660mm.
Width: 1614mm.
Depth: 1257mm (1280ltr), 923mm (770ltr).
Capacity: up to 1280ltr, depending on model chosen.
Weight: 119kg (1280ltr), 102kg (770ltr).
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