Specially formulated to remove graffiti and spray paint from hard, non–porous surfaces.

Grafitix™ Graffiti Wipes
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Grafitix Graffiti Wipes are specially formulated to remove graffiti and spray paint from hard, non-porous surfaces.

The double-sided wipes have a textured and smooth surface to ensure high performance on even the most stubborn types of graffiti and paint.

Grafitix wipes will clean graffiti easily off most of our products manufactured from Durapol, Enviropol, metal, or many other materials.

Please note: users are advised to wear protective equipment such as gloves, eyewear and facial masks during use of the Grafitix Graffiti Wipes. Please contact us for more information.

Design Features
  • One tub contains 150 double-sided (smooth/textured) wipes for removal of graffiti.
  • Easy to use on many materials and surfaces.
  • Sealed lid ensures a long product life.