Wheelie Bin Housings

Glasdon wheelie bin housings and screens offer large capacity solutions for areas where the volumes of waste are high. The housings provide secure cover for wheelie bins of up to 360 litres, while the wheelie bin screens can hide containers of up to 1280 litres.

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Wheeled container screens such as the Modus™ Litter Housing are ideal for streets and public spaces with high footfall. They can be personalised with wrap around graphics and are easily identifiable to collect a large volume of waste.

Alternatively, choose from bin housings with the capacity to safely store a 120, 140, 240 or 360 litre wheelie bin. With hooded tops and lockable openings, these container housings combine optimum security and stability with a modern, aesthetic design. These are ideal for combatting litter in urban, suburban, highway and tourist locations.

The large capacity reduces the frequency of collections required and helps to prevent litter bins from becoming too full and overflowing. To find the bin best suited to your environment, view our litter bin guide. Alternatively, select from our wide range of litter bins with varying capacities and styling to best suit your requirements.

Many of our bin housings are available with the choice of metal liners and sack retention systems for easy operator use when opening and emptying. Easily accessible apertures and dedicated graphics help to encourage the user to deposit their waste when passing. You can also personalise your chosen wheelie bin housing with your company name, branding or logo.

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