Luna Vision is a stylish and robust litter bin with viewing windows to offer improved visible security in high risk areas such as train stations and airports. It features a large, open top for easy disposal of waste and a narrow footprint.

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Sack B - 014/2023
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Luna litter bin is contemporarily styled with a narrow footprint.

A large, open top design makes it ideal for the quick and easy depositing of litter. A purpose-designed sack retention system neatly holds the sack in place within the bin. 

An optional curved hood helps protect contents from the elements.

When paired with a clear sack, the viewing windows offer increased visible security, making it a well suited option for high-risk environments such as sporting venues and train stations.

When purchased in the black model, this litter bin contains recycled material.

Design Features
  • Sack retention system.
Bin: Black (Includes Recycled Content), Cool Dark Grey, Millstone, Sandstone.
Bin body, hood and sack holder: Durapol™ Material.
Capacity: 60 litres.
Height: 795mm (open top), 945mm (hooded top).
Width: 566mm.
Depth: 443mm.
Weight: 5kg (open top), 7kg (hooded top).
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