The Nestor 90 is a low maintenance grit / salt storage box which is ideal for footpaths and roadside.

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A compact, space-saving grit bin.
Design Features
  • Knuckle hinge with GRP rod offers excellent strength and long life.
  • Double-skinned construction ensures the lid does not open in windy conditions and helps keeps the contents dry.
  • Lid fully opens, leaving both hands free to fill or empty the grit bin.
  • Angled lid maximises storage space, prevents debris piling up on the bin, and ensures rain water runs off the unit.
  • Large front aperture with low lip offers excellent access.
  • Drainage slots ensure rain water runs off quickly.
  • Base recess allows lifting with a sack truck.
  • Can be stacked up to five bins high to limit the amount of storage space required.
  • Choice of grit-salt legend or plain lid.
Grit bin: Yellow, Red, Deep Green.
Body and lid: Durapol™ Material.
Capacity: 90 litres.
Height: 624mm.
Width: 536mm.
Depth: 630mm.
Weight capacity: 125kg loose grit (approximately 5 x 25kg bags).
Area of coverage: 2,500g/m² @ 50g/m².
Glasdon International | product demonstration | Nestor™ 90 salt bin
Glasdon International | Product Testing | Nestor 90 grit salt bin