Make a B-Line for Water Safety?

Blackpool Pleasure Beach made theirs by placing an order for the Glasdon B-Line™ Throwing / Rescue Buoys.

Designed as a lightweight water rescue throwing device, the B-Line™ can be used to assist someone struggling in smaller areas of water such as lakes and rivers, whilst its smaller streamlined design enables it to be thrown further and more accurately.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach included an unusual choice of housing solution for their emergency water rescue equipment. After initial visits and assessments by a Glasdon representative, it was decided that the design and size of the Fido 25™ bin, (normally used as a dog waste bin solution), was better suited for storing the device and fitting in with the surrounding area.

Check out our product demonstration video for the full range of water safety products, including B-Line™ water rescue throw bag.

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Make a B-Line for Water Safety?
30 October 2015
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