Glasdon Sets a New Bench-mark for Public Seating

Glasdon have launched a new park bench for public spaces that embodies a traditional aesthetic whilst using modern materials for increased longevity.

The Lowther™ seat is a competitively priced option in our current range of benches for public spaces. Its aluminium seat ends give the bench the look of a traditional cast iron seat without any of the corrosion or maintenance work.

Lowther Park Bench Material Comparison

Recycled materials for a sustainable future

A majority of public seating contains very little, or no recycled content at all. At the end of its use, it’s likely that the wooden slats would be chipped and the cast-iron ends scrapped. Glasdon recycled material seating is created using a variety of sources depending on the material needed, most of which are then recyclable at the end of their service life. Thus contributing to a circular economy.

The Lowther seat is available with our black or brown Enviropol™ slats as standard. Enviropol is recycled material which is predominantly produced from post-consumer and industrial polythene.

Alternatively the Lowther is also available with Timberpol™ slats, a sustainable option, made from 95% recycled and sustainably sourced raw materials. The composite is made up of 55% wood (reclaimed sawdust) and 40% polymer (post-consumer HDPE). A great advantage of Timberpol is that whilst it may look like wood it will never splinter and contains no knots.

This bench can also be specified with Vandalex™ coated aluminium slats in various colours for areas where more vandal resistance may be needed. The Vandalex slats provide excellent impact absorption and great fire resistance when compared with traditional park seating. Thanks to its strong Vandalex construction, the Lowther bench will also never rust and is very easy to clean.

Lowther bench in a park
Photograph: Lowther seat shown with Timberpol slats

Built for the outdoors

It isn’t hard to find a bench in a public environment such as a park with rusty, corroding cast-iron ends and bowing or broken wooden slats. Hence why the Lowther seat features neither.

The aluminium seat ends are coated with a durable Armortec™ finish which is corrosion resistant and very long lasting. The Lowther’s slats are supported by an Armortec coated steel support frame*, to prevent the slats bowing like traditional wooden slats would.

Updating public seating to a modern, more durable and vandal resistant alternative is a great way to improve the appearance of a park or public space. Providing the public with a relaxing seat in a comfortable environment is a step towards increasing returning visitors and calming anti-social behaviour.

The Lowther bench represents outstanding quality at a price point which makes it highly competitive and fits right in to our current range of park benches.

*The Armortec coated steel support frame is not applicable to models purchased with Vandalex slats.

23 November 2017
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