New Nexus® City 240 Food Waste Recycling Bin

The new Nexus® City 240 Food Waste Recycling Bin from Glasdon UK has been specially designed to help businesses and local authorities to meet tough food recycling targets. A durable, soft-close aperture flap keeps vermin out and odours in. The housing can be used with a 140L or 240L wheeled container and has a 5-point interlocking slam-shut door that provides strength and security.

When used with a 240L wheeled container, Nexus® City 240 can accept up to 130kg of food waste before it needs to be emptied - equivalent to the average weekly output of 17 households.

Nexus® City 240 co-ordinates with the Nexus® 360 Recycling Housing to offer a complete recycling bank solution that's ideal for use as a bring site or at multi-occupancy developments.

To talk to us about the benefits of the Nexus® City 240, or any of our range of indoor and outdoor recycling bins, call 1800 656 606, email, or use the Live Chat facility on this website.

21 November 2013