Space-liners parade at the Palacio Nacional

Attracting over 35 million tourists a year*, Mexico City has a vibrant culture with lots to offer. From ancient Aztec ruins to great food and music for all to enjoy.

The 15th September marks the beginning of the Mexican Independence Day celebrations. Crowds of people gather around the Mexican National Palace at 11pm to sing, dance and celebrate the anniversary of Mexico’s independence from Spain which occurred on the 16th September 1810**.

On the 16th September festivities carry on throughout the day and night with exciting parades, horseback-riding performances, traditional music and grand firework displays.

Outdoor celebrations on a spectacular scale like this one, require a certain level of upkeep to ensure that the remnants of the festival do not linger. Undisposed litter can quickly build up in areas of high people traffic, and if left undealt with can be an eyesore for those wanting to experience the city.

As a tribute to this celebration, Mexico City Council have acquired a number of personalised Double Space-Liner™ Street Orderly Barrows and they have proudly featured in this parade.

Glasdon Double Space-liners™ parade outside the Mexico National Palace

Each street orderly barrow has been given a personalised sticker, to show appreciation for this fantastic event and continued determination to keep the city clean on daily basis.

Perfectly mobile, Glasdon street orderly barrows can help control excess litter where litter bins are not so easily sited, and can manoeuvre where litter sweeping vehicle’s cannot go.

Featuring three storage compartments enabling the user to comfortably collect waste on the move. A front and side mount can be used to harness a shovel, sweeping brush or the Glasdon Litta-Pikka™ Litter Collection Tool.

The Litta-Pikka is designed to limit the amount of times the user has to bend down on a daily basis, helping to reduce the risk of damaging your lower back or knees.

Glasdon Double Space-liner™ personalisation example

These particular orderly barrows have been personalised with vibrant pink compartment lids and mounting rack. A standard light grey base and reflective strip to warn oncoming traffic in low light conditions.

To learn more about our personalisation service, why not download our helpful pdf or visit our site for more details.

The Glasdon Double Space-Liner is designed to endure long life, and we are confident that these street orderly barrows will see many celebrations to come.

For more information on our outdoor cleaning trolleys, please contact us today on 1800 656 606 or email or use our live chat option on the website.



05 July 2018
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