The Auto-Mate™ is an outdoor petrol forecourt litter bin, towel dispenser and glove dispenser in one space–saving unit.

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Gloves for Auto-Mate™ Petrol Forecourt Bin
Towels for Auto-Mate™ Petrol Forecourt Bin
Sack A - 077/5074
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FireSafe™ Automatic Fire Suppression Device:
Screen Clean Station™ Attachment:
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Auto-Mate Petrol Forecourt Bin is a litter bin, towel dispenser and glove dispenser in one space-saving unit.

Specially designed for busy forecourts, Auto-Mate is manufactured from Durapol™ Material and will not chip, rust or corrode, and never needs painting.

Auto-Mate is the preferred choice of many national chains and can be supplied in custom colours for contract customers. For more information, please contact our sales team.

An optional addition of the Screen Clean Station™ forecourt bin attachment, complete with squeegee and 8 litre water reservoir, is also available for the Auto-Mate bin.

This Screen Clean Station attachment allows you to create a 4-in-1 solution for your petrol forecourt. If desired, a permanent installation kit is available to increase security by preventing the unauthorised removal of the Screen Clean Station forecourt bin attachment once installed.

When purchased in the black model, this litter bin contains 15% recycled content.

Design Features
  • Two large litter apertures
  • Ballast-weighted towel dispenser ensures only one towel is taken each time
  • Hinged glove and towel cover with twist lock for added security
  • Removable lid allows for easy emptying
  • Refills for gloves and towels available.
  • Supplied with 1 pack of towels and 1 box of gloves
  • The optional Screen Clean Station forecourt bin attachment creates a 4-in-1 solution for your petrol forecourt. What is this? Auto-Mate with Screen Clean Station attachment
Standard colours: Black (15% Recycled Content), Red, Light Grey, Dark Blue.
Other colours are available on request
Product Options
  • Twin keyed lock kit for glove and towel cover and keyed push lock for litter bin
  • Single keyed lock for litter bin
  • FireSafe Automatic Fire Suppression Device (600g)
  • Fixing Options What is this? Fixing Options
    • Concrete Foundation Fixing Bolts x 3 (A)
    • Paving Slab Fixing Bolts x 3 (B)
    • Concrete-in Anchors (Adjustable Depth) x 3 (C)
    • Flush Ground Fixing Device (D)
    • Ground-Lock™ System (E)
    • External Base Weight (19kg) (F)
    • Internal Base Weight (Concrete) (G)
    • Optional Screen Clean Station attachment What is this? Auto-Mate with Screen Clean Station attachment
      • with Standard Fixing Kit for easy installation and removal
      • with Permanent Fixing Kit to prevent unauthorised removal after installation
    Bin body and lid: Durapol™ Material.
    Metal liner: Zinc-coated steel.
    Litter liner capacity: 85 litres
    Height: 1160mm
    Maximum diameter: 450mm
    Glove box dimensions: 175 x 155 x 15mm
    Towel pack dimensions: 105 x 237 x 120mm
    Weight: 15kg (with metal liner)
    Glasdon International | Auto-Mate™ PPE Waste Bin
    Glasdon International | Auto-Mate™ Petrol Forecourt Bin
    Glasdon International | Screen Clean Station™ Forecourt Bin Attachment

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