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Indoor Recycling Bins

Manage recyclable waste efficiently and cost effectively with the Glasdon Ireland range of indoor recycling bins.

Choose from a variety of styles, sizes and waste streams to help you provide the total recycling solution your organisation needs.

Smaller containers such as the Nexus® 30 and Nexus® 50 are ideal for areas where space is restricted yet recycling containers are still required. Whereas larger recycling bins such as the Nexus® 100 are better for building larger scale recycling stations, with a variety of streams, usually including a general waste bin for non-recyclables.

Glasdon recycling bins are available with standard graphic options to show what the waste stream it is for, such as plastic bottles or aluminium cans. As well as a dedicated colour coded apertures, for example a thin slot aperture is available on our paper recycling bins or circular apertures for can recycling bins.

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