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Boost recycling rates with Glasdon indoor recycling bins. With a variety of attractive styles and manufactured with high-quality materials, we can help you create an effective recycling programme for your environment.

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Glasdon indoor recycling containers are low-maintenance, easy to use and extremely robust. Each model of bin is available with a specially moulded aperture for the designated waste stream. This along with clear and concise graphics, helps to promote correct disposal of the recyclable waste while minimising cross contamination.

For the right office recycling bins choose from our Nexus® range which features space saving ‘under desk’ solutions and lockable confidential paper waste bins. We also offer a range of dedicated cup recycling bins for collecting paper cups, these are ideal for office canteens, cafes and coffee shops.

Or make a statement in modern indoor spaces and reception areas with the contemporary styled Electra™ range, which offers single waste stream containers and multi-stream recycling stations. Learn more about the Electra range with this Step by Step Guide.

We design many of our internal recycling bins with personalisation in mind so that you can add a unique touch with your branding or in-house recycling scheme graphics and messages. Find out more about the many options available with the Glasdon personalisation service by getting in touch with our sales team via Live Chat.

Glasdon indoor recycling bins are designed to take the most common types of recyclable waste and offer smaller and larger capacities to meet your organisation’s needs. For collecting small items such as batteries, we offer a dedicated range of battery collection tubes, complete with small aperture funnels for minimised cross-contamination risks.

If you would like help or advice in choosing the right internal bins or would like to learn more about how you can improve indoor recycling please talk to our specialists today.

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