C-Thru 5 is a battery recycling tube featuring a unique, funnel-shaped aperture & a clear polycarbonate body to encourage user participation in any environment. This battery disposal bin can efficiently collect up to 5 litres of used batteries in offices and retail stores.

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Funnel Top Aperture
Funnel Top Aperture
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Open Top Aperture
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The compact size of the C-THRU 5 litre model makes it ideal as a counter-top collection unit.

An EU directive (2006/66/EC) on batteries and their disposal came into force in 2009 and sets a recycling target of 45% by 2016. Shops and online retailers that sell more than 32 kilograms of batteries per year (equivalent to one pack of 4xAA batteries per day) must offer facilities to recycle batteries free of charge.

The bin features a clear polycarbonate body which is not only incredibly strong and hard-wearing but allows the contents to be seen, helping minimise the risk of cross-contamination.

The bin features a funnel top lid with a narrow funnel aperture which accepts small waste deposits (e.g. domestic batteries) whilst mitigating the risk that other unwanted waste is deposited.

The top and bottom handles provide easy handling to pick up and empty the C-Thru battery recycling bin.

Personalisation graphics are available, please contact us about your order if you would like custom graphics.

Design Features
  • Range of capacities available - 5L, 10L and 15L to suit a variety of locations and applications  What is this?
  • Duratec™ top and bottom handles for ease of emptying  
  • Clear 2.5mm thick polycarbonate body, displays contents without weakening the structure  What is this?
  • Small funnel shaped aperture retains small items should it be knocked over and reduces cross-contamination with other waste streams  What is this?
  • Cushioned rubber internal base protects the base and reduces noise by softening the landing
  • Screwed on removable top for ease of access  What is this?
Bin Body: Clear
Handles: Mid Grey
Flute/Funnel/Foot: Magenta, Blue, Red or Black
Product Options
  • Tape Dispenser Kit can be added to the funnel of the container. This allows for the ends of the used batteries to be covered with tape before being deposited into the battery bin. Covering the battery ends helps to minimise the risk of the battery terminals touching, which leads to short-circuiting. What is this? Tape Dispenser Kit with Tape and Graphic Sticker
  • "Recycle Now" graphic available to provide clear and easy to understand instructions  What is this?
  • Open top aperture available for collection of other waste streams  What is this?
  • Full level indicator to display the maximum load allowance  What is this?
Body: Polycarbonate
Flute/Funnel: Duratec
Foot: Duratec
Graphics: Vinyl, High Tac Adhesive
Internal Base: Rubber

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