Nexus® Caddy is a wheeled waste and recycling collection unit designed to be concealed within a floor-level cupboard or fitted beneath a kitchen counter.


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The Nexus® Caddy is designed to be used inside cupboard reveals fitted with and without doors. The bin can be wheeled in and out to deposit waste and recycling, alternatively the counter top above the bin can contain apertures. Both allow for segregated waste to be deposited, collected and concealed under the counter top.

The storage capacity can be configured to collect 1 x 120L, 2 x 60L or 3 x 40L waste streams – in suspended sacks. The sizes and positions of the sack retention bands vary for each of the three configurations. Sacks can be removed and replaced quickly and easily by operatives. The simplicity of the band system means it is durable, easy to clean and maintain.

The Nexus® Caddy is designed to fit inside a 610mm x 610mm cupboard and has a large stepped–in base feature to allow cupboard doors fitted with ‘kick boards’ to shut in front of the unit. The body features an integrated recessed handle at the front to help wheel the unit forwards and backwards easily.

Personalisation for Waste Streams

Please ask about personalisation graphics that are available on the areas of the bin shown below. They can be used to designate waste streams. Contact us about your order if you would like any custom graphics.

Design Features
  • Made from our specially formulated Durapol polymer a tough and long lasting material  What is this? Made from Durapol
  • Single, double or triple waste streams available, whatever suits your recycling needs  What is this? Multiple Waste Streams
  • Easy to use sack retention system for hassle free emptying and safe manual handling  What is this? Easy to use sack retention
  • Ideal to fit in any standard cupboard (610mm x 610mm) it can be used with or without cupboard doors
  • Moulded in drip tray makes collecting waste spillage easy and minimises the risk of germs harbouring  What is this? Moulded in drip tray
  • Rubber wheels to allow the unit to roll in and out of a standard cupboard with ease  What is this? Rubber Wheels
  • Kick board recess to reduce the risk of the unit catching on a cupboard
Body: Anthracite Grey
Wheels: Light Grey
Body: Durapol™
Sack Bands: Stainless Steel
Wheels: Rubber
Axles: Stainless Steel
Width: 493mm
Height: 775mm
Depth: 610mm
Capacities: 1 x 120L / 2 x 60L / 3 x 40L
Weight with 1 waste stream: 10kg
Weight with 2 waste streams: 12kg
Weight with 3 waste streams: 14kg

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