Nexus® Stack 90 Recycling Bins 903S

90 Litres - 3 Waste Streams

Save space and sort recyclable waste with this set of 3 stackable recycling bins. Choose your aperture style, colour and waste graphics for each stacking bin to create a Nexus Stack 90L indoor recycling system for 3 waste streams. Each stacking unit contains a removable tilt bin, making it easy to empty and clean without the need to dismantle anything. Includes base, apertures, your choice of standard waste graphics and wall fixing kit.

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Sack AB
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 Looking for something different? Nexus Stack recycling bins are available in a variety of stacking configurations for up to 6 waste streams. For more details check out the full range here. Alternatively, if you would like different colour apertures or graphics to those listed please contact us.
 Please always place the heaviest waste stream i.e. paper, glass or food waste in the bottom stack.
 There are required options for this product. Please review your selections. Required options are marked as red.
Stack 1 (30L)
Aperture Style & Colour:
  What is this? <font-orange><b>Stack 1 (30L)</b></font-orange><br>Aperture Style & Colour
Stack 1
Waste Graphic:
  What is this? <font-orange><b>Stack 1</b></font-orange><br>Waste Graphic
Stack 2 (30L)
Aperture Style & Colour:
  What is this? <font-green><b>Stack 2 (30L)</b></font-green><br>Aperture Style & Colour
Stack 2
Waste Graphic:
  What is this? <font-green><b>Stack 2</b></font-green><br>Waste Graphic
Stack 3 (30L)
Aperture Style & Colour:
  What is this? <font-blue><b>Stack 3 (30L)</b></font-blue><br>Aperture Style & Colour
Stack 3
Waste Graphic:
  What is this? <font-blue><b>Stack 3</b></font-blue><br>Waste Graphic
Base Plates:
Rear Mounted Sign Kit with Waste Graphics:
  What is this? Rear Mounted Sign Kit with Waste Graphics
Lock Kits:
  What is this? Lock Kits
Wall Mounting Fixing Kit:
Box of 200 Clear Sacks - Sack AB:

Collect 3 types of recyclable and non-recyclable waste efficiently with the Nexus Stack 90 configuration.

This set of 3, stackable, 30 litre recycling bins is ideal for sorting and segregating waste in any indoor environment and where space may be limited. Use as a freestanding solution, mount to a wall or stack them side-by-side.

Each stacking unit also features a removable tilt bin, which makes it quick and easy to empty and clean, without the need to dismantle the stacking unit at all.

Create your ideal Nexus Stack 90 configuration by choosing the specially moulded apertures and waste graphics you need for each stacking bin.

Apertures are available in a variety of styles and colours for paper, cans/bottles and with an open design, to deposit waste directly inside the bin. Closed (blanking) apertures are also available to hide the waste inside, ideal if using one of your stacking bins to collect food waste or general waste.

Manufactured from environmentally friendly Duratec™, this compact space-saving system is also supplied with a base plate and wall fixing kit for added safety and stability.

Alternatively, you may wish to use the optional joining kit and additional base plates to connect each stacking bin to each other, side-by-side, for a totally different configuration according to the space available and indoor location.

Please note: to avoid toppling, please place the heaviest waste stream i.e. paper, glass or food waste in the bottom stacking bin and secure the Nexus Stack 90 to a solid wall using the wall fixings provided.

If you would like to collect more or less than 3 waste streams, take a look at our wide range of Nexus Stack configurations.

Design Features
  • Sort waste efficiently and save space. The compact square footprint of Nexus Stack recycling bins, makes them ideal for indoor environments where space may be limited.
  • Stackable solution for up to 3 individual Nexus Stack waste and recycling bins.
  • Highly durable with a polished, premium finish and smooth 'easy to clean' surfaces.
  • Each stacking bin features a removable 30 litre tilt bin with front and rear handles, ensures quick and easy emptying and cleaning, without the need to dismantle the stack unit at all.
  • Choice of using with or without sacks as all-in-one tilt bin ensures no leaks, while seamless internal finish is easy to clean.
  • Choice of dedicated aperture panels including slotted paper aperture and round aperture for cans/bottles, reduces the risk of cross-contamination of waste and provides flexibility when configured for the double and triple Nexus Stack systems. What is this? Nexus® Stack 30 Aperture Styles & Colours
  • Choice of standard waste graphics to help users by highlighting individual waste streams, minimising potential for cross-contamination. What is this? Nexus® Stack 30 Standard Waste Graphics
  • Aperture handle provides easy access, while tilt bin stay holds it open for hands-free waste disposal.
  • Built-in sack retention system is universally compatible with standard sack sizes. It offers quick and easy emptying and sack replacement, while sack lock feature secures the sack to minimise spills. Sacks are available to buy with this product - see options for details.
  • 1 x base plate included and features protective rubber feet, which minimises any damage to floor and provides grip.
  • Wall fixings kit included to secure your Nexus Stack recycling bins to a solid wall for optimum stability and safety.
  • Manufactured from environmentally friendly Duratec which contains 40% recycled material and is recyclable at the end of its service life.
Tilt Bin, Body and Base Plate: Anthracite Grey
Sack Retention Arms: Black
Open Apertures: Red, Pastel Blue, Pastel Green, Mid Grey, Lime Green, Yellow, Orange, Black
Round Apertures: Red, Pastel Blue, Pastel Green, Yellow, Mid Grey
Paper Apertures: Pastel Blue, Pastel Green
Blanking Apertures: Mid Grey, Lime Green, Food Waste Green, Black
Non-standard aperture colours also available through personalisation - please contact us.
Product Options
  • 30 litre sacks - pack of 200.
  • Wall mounting kit - secures the unit onto the wall off the floor. Base not required. Bottom of unit should be at least 200mm off the floor.
  • Rear mounted sign kit - signage helps identify waste streams and minimises risk of contamination.
  • Lock kit - to prevent unauthorised access to waste for streams such as confidential paper waste.
  • Side-by-side joining kit - connect each Nexus Stack together side by side as an alternative configuration. Not compatible with Lock Kits.
  • Additional bases if stacking side-by-side.
  • Personalisation options - add your own customised graphics onto each unit. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
Tilt Bin, Body and Base Plate: Duratec - contains 40% recycled material
Apertures: Duratec
Sack Band: Reinforced Durapol™
Capacity: 90 litres (30 litres per stacking unit)
Height with base: 1241mm
Width: 476mm
Depth with base: 372mm
Weight without base*: 3.98kg (Each stacking unit)
Weight with base*: 4.78kg (Each stacking unit with base)
Overall Weight with base*: 12.74kg
Rear mounted sign kit - width: 385mm
Rear mounted sign kit - height: 319mm
*Note: Weights vary dependant on aperture type. Weights based upon the cans/bottles round aperture for a single 30L unit.
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Glasdon International | Assembly | Nexus® Stack Recycling Bins
Glasdon International | Sign Kit Installation | Nexus® Stack Recycling Bins
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