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Outdoor Recycling Bins

Increase on street recycling rates in public areas with the Glasdon Ireland range of quality outdoor recycling bins.

Choose from a variety of designs, capacities and streams to help you boost local recycling rates, avoid waste contamination and keep public spaces litter free.

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Recycling bins such as our Nexus® 200 or Gemini™ both accept two different recycling streams for example plastic bottle in one liner and mixed glass in another. These can be changed to suit you. These bins are ideal for areas where more than one stream is required yet volume of waste is low. Alternatively we produce large outdoor recycling containers like our Nexus® City 240, which is perfect for creating a recycling bank of high capacity bins in public spaces where foot fall is high and there is a need for collecting recyclable materials.

All of our containers have personalisation options available and can be customised to feature your brand name, town crest or logo.