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Commercial Road & Traffic Bollards

At Glasdon, we've been designing and manufacturing bollards for more than 40 years. Our versatile road safety solutions are used for highways and byways across the country, and we like to think we have a product for every application.

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Rigid Durapol™ material bollards with a below ground socket that offers easy removal and replacement is the core of our product range. Available in a variety of traditional or modern styles, socket bollards are best suited for use in conjunction with traffic calming schemes on urban roads where low level potential hazards in the carriageway need to be highlighted to drivers. They also make for great delineators to identify parking restrictions.

Glasdon are pioneers in the growing field of passively safe roadside structures and we've been offering flexible 'Rebound' bollards for over two decades. Glasdon rebound bollards are certified passively safe to performance standard NE4 at 100kph to the European safety standard BS EN 12767-1:2007 – which means they do not significantly slow a vehicle that strikes them and the risk of serious injury to vehicle occupants is as low as possible.

For quick and simple installation in areas where excavation is impossible – for example, on bridges, multi storey car parks or where below-ground utilities are close to the surface – we can offer some bollards in our range with the option of a bolt-down fixing. Bolt down bollards can be installed in under 8 minutes by a single operative with simple power tools.

Our commitment to new product development as a design-led independent British manufacturer means we're constantly looking for ways to improve our road safety product range, and so in 2011, we had our best idea yet: the LockFast™ socket. For the first time, we are able to combine our two most popular features into one product: a passively safe Rebound bollard that features a Glasdon key locking socket to allow it to be removed and replaced without ground works.