Chevroflex chevron boards are passively safe to BS EN 12767 for roundabouts and highlighting hazards on rural roads. The unique socket system allows the chevrons to be easily installed or replaced.

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Cuts costs, proven to prevent accidents and passively safe.
Design Features
  • Certified passively safe to Performance Standard NE3/100.
  • Highly visible wall effect - offers a clear indication ahead of a bend of hazard in the road.
  • New easy to install socket for quick and easy sign replacement.
  • Three standard sizes of chevron: 400mm, 600mm or 800mm.
  • Modular socket design allows for unlimited number of Chevrons.
  • Available as a left-hand bend, right-hand bend or a roundabout unit with a Turn Left signface.
  • Available with or without a high-visibility border.
Uprights: Black.
Hi-vis surround: Yellow, Yellow-Green.
Uprights: Impactaflex™ Material.
Sockets: Galvanised steel.
Socket covers: Thermoplastic elastomer.
Upper clips: Glass-filled polymer.
High visibility surround: Avery Dennison fluorescent yellow or yellow/green.
All retroreflective materials supplied by Glasdon are as recommended in table NA1 of the National Annex of BS EN 12899-1:2007 Fixed Vertical Road Signs.
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