This retroreflective self-righting traffic bollard offers high-grade reflectivity for non-illuminated schemes. Compliant to BS 8442:2022 and crash tested to 100kph, its unique body-to-base design (patent pending) eliminates internal mechanisms, providing optimum retroreflective and anti-twist rebound performance with minimal maintenance.

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The non-illuminated, Rebound Signmaster Ultra Bollard offers high-grade reflectivity with optimum performance and minimal ongoing maintenance.

Its unique body-to-base fixing design (patent pending) connects a rigid Durapol™ material bollard to a flexible Impactapol™ material base. This optimises the rebound performance while eliminating the need for internal mechanical parts.

The Rebound Signmaster Ultra Bollard is supplied with body and base, 3M retroreflective patches to front and sides, sign face and ground fixings.

Design Features
  • Compliant to BS 8442:2022.
  • Passively safe. Drive-through performance proven to BS EN 12767:2019 – 100, NE4 in crash testing at MIRA.
  • High-grade, high visibility 3M retroreflective patches included on bollard front (x1) and sides (x4).
  • 300mm sign face for enhanced visibility – choice of front sign face available. What is this? Sign face options
  • Impactapol material base provides the flexibility and rebounds when hit from any direction, returning the bollard upright after impact without twisting. What is this? Impactapol material base
  • No springs or internal mechanisms.
  • Robust, rigid Durapol material bollard with recessed reflector areas, gives high level of protection to retroreflective panels and sign face, resisting cracking or damage. What is this? Durapol bollard body with recessed reflector areas
  • Side reflectors angled for increased visibility at junctions. What is this? Angled side reflectors
  • Unique body-to-base fixings secure the separate base and bollard, which slot together for easy install and bollard replacement.
  • Ground fixings included as standard. Choose from surface mounted bolt down fixings, adjustable depth or fixed depth concrete-in ground anchors.
  • Universal compatibility – bolt down footprint identical to Rebound Signmaster™ for ease of transition (old to new / illuminated to non-illuminated). With adapter plates available for fitting to redundant light box chambers or alternative manufacturer fixings.
  • Material logos moulded into bollard for easy identification when recycled at the end of its life.
  • A product date stamp is moulded in to assist with batch recognition.

Bollard body and base: black, white

Product Options
  • Rear retroreflective panels. What is this? Optional rear reflective panels
  • Installation template.
  • Various adaptor kits available. Please talk to us.


Bollard: Durapol material
Base: Impactapol material
Retroreflective patches: 3M
All retroreflective materials supplied by Glasdon UK are as recommended in table NA1 of the National Annex of BS EN 12899-1:2007 Fixed Vertical Road Signs.


Overall height: 1113mm
Maximum bollard width: 394mm
Maximum bollard depth: 183mm
Bolt down base detail: 320 x 320mm
Fixing centres: 228 x 228mm
Sign face: 300mm diameter
Front and side reflective patches meet the minimum standard required. 
Overall weight: 5.8kg

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