IP66 rated for a long service life reduced maintenance, our Lumino City 750 LED energy efficient sign light complies with standards BS EN 12767, illuminating highway road signs up to 750mm.

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An energy efficient, low maintenance sign light.
Design Features
  • Flex point will withstand side swipes, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Fixing bracket is made from high-grade Chromadex coated aluminium.
  • Impact-absorbing Impactapol™ Material is flexible, weather resistant, durable and robust.
  • Energy efficient LEDs require just 2 watts, reducing carbon footprint and energy costs.
  • LEDs carry a 10-year warranty and have a 50,000 hour minimum expected life - no more annual bulb changes.
  • IP67 rated for a long product life with reduced maintenance.
  • Choice of double- or single-sided fixing brackets for pole top, mid post or wall fixing.
  • A substantial aluminium heatsink keeps LEDs cool for increased longevity.
  • Optional Zodian Photocell draws minimal standby power and ensures the unit is only illuminated during the hours of darkness.
  • A moulded-in cradle makes Lumino City suitable for use with multiple styles of remote monitoring equipment.
Signlight arm: Impactapol™ Material.
Brackets and heatsink: Aluminium.
Cap and conversion collar: Impactapol™ Material.
Fixings: Stainless steel.
Height: 240mm.
Width: 190mm.
Depth: 420mm.
Weight: 2.1kg (single unit with universal bracket), 2.5kg (single unit with bracket), 4.6kg (double unit with bracket).
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Glasdon International | Lumino City™ 750 LED Downlighter
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