Reflective Verge Markers & Hazard Posts

Glasdon hazard marker posts are ideal delineators for highlighting road layouts in urban traffic environments and bends on rural or trunk roads.

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The Vergemaster RX™ marker post, is a passively safe verge marker with a wide-angle reflector and a range of fixing options to suit any terrain.

In urban environments, the heavy duty, passively safe Hazardmaster™ marker post is robustly designed to withstand repeated wheel-over collisions.

For highlighting roundabouts and bends in the road, the passively safe Chevroflex Ultra™ sign system is designed to cut costs and is proven to prevent accidents.

Glasdon passively safe, marker posts are manufactured with specially formulated polymer materials, which are crash tested to ensure they meet European Standard BS EN 12767.

In rural locations, the timber effect Glenwood™ post range can be used to mark cycle routes and for access control. Made from Everwood™ material they require minimal maintenance and optional 100mm vandal-resistant signfaces can be added for waymarking along footpaths and cycle routes.

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