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Waiting Shelters & Multi-Purpose Canopies

Glasdon offer a variety of shelters including smoking shelters and waiting shelters made from a variety of different materials and ideal for outdoor areas where you require shelter.

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We offer a wide selection of external shelters for bus waiting and safety meeting points, as cover for pay and display machines in car parks and as outdoor smoking shelters for businesses.

We design many of our shelters with the option to apply personalisation such as corporate branding graphics along with the choice of seating, external lighting and bus timetable boards.

Glasdon design versatile, multi-purpose prefab shelters and canopies that can be post mounted or wall mounted. These can be used to provide cover for ATM machines, create designated smoking areas or shelter entrances and exits. They also make excellent school shelters for use in playgrounds and waiting areas. Glasdon canopies come in a wide range sizes and high-quality materials making them an ideal solution for where space is limited.

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