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Bike Stands & Bicycle Parking Racks Ireland

Glasdon offer a wide range of bike stands which are an economical solution for bike storage ideal for schools, workplaces, outside supermarkets, shops and shopping centres or retail parks. They are also suitable for town and city centres as they are slim and don't cause a large obstruction to pedestrian flow or vehicle access.

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Glasdon cycle stands are available in different styles from our classic Sheffield hoop to the free-standing Cyclone™, which removes the need for ground fixings and can be installed in minutes. Easy to manoeuvre, this product is the ideal non-permanent solution to bicycle parking.

Our Sheffield cycle stands can be purchased individually or supplied as a cycle toast rack, perfect for use inside cycle shelters or as standalone cycle storage racks. To ensure weather and corrosion resistance Glasdon commercial bike racks are available in a galvanised finish or Armortec™ coating.

All Glasdon bicycle parking racks are rigorously tested to ensure optimal performance standards in all weather conditions. These bike racks are ideal for use in schools, outside office buildings and in parks and public spaces.

The Cycleguard™ cycle parking bollard provides a robust solution where space is limited. These individual bollards allow for versatile placement and two bikes can be securely locked to each. The reflective banding can also be added to increase visibility in high footfall areas and where vehicles are present.

Glasdon cycle stands and storage racks are built for the outdoors and offer a great solution for short term cycle parking. For a secure, covered alternative to commercial bike racks, we also offer a premium range of cycle lockers, which can be used to securely store 1 or more bikes, scooters or mopeds with increased weather protection and security.

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