Secure Outdoor Bike Lockers

Glasdon offer a range of bike lockers for cost-effective, secure cycle storage. These cycle lockers are ideal for transit hubs such as railway stations and bus stations. They would also suit city centre flats or apartment blocks, schools and colleges or outside workplaces.

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For a secure, covered and lockable alternative to traditional cycle storage, choose a Glasdon cycle locker. These commercial bike lockers offer optimal security, preventing unauthorised access and ensuring weather protection.

Glasdon cycle storage lockers feature guide rails to support the bike, which makes handling and manoeuvring the cycle in and out of the locker much easier.

These outdoor bike lockers protect bicycles from vandalism and theft while the locker itself is impact and fire-resistant for added on-site safety and a long service life. For larger secure enclosures, we also offer a high-quality selection of cycle compounds and shelters.

Where space is at a premium, the Modus™ Cycle Lockers system can be configured to suit your particular layout.

Vertical storage lockers are ideal for transport hubs and where pedestrian access is paramount, as they allow bicycles to be easily stored in an upright resting position in the guide rail – requiring a much smaller footprint.

Work with our in-house graphics team to personalise your bike lockers with helpful signage or corporate branding.

Glasdon also manufacture bike stands and waiting shelters which can also be used for parking motorbikes and mopeds. View the complete range or talk with us today to discuss your requirements.