Bike Shelters & Outdoor Bicycle Storage Ireland

Glasdon offer a range of cycle shelters, ideal for storing bicycles, motorcycles and mopeds. These bike shelters are ideal for schools, colleges and workplaces to encourage employees and students to cycle because they will have a secure place to store their bikes and protect them from weather.
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The shape and size of Glasdon bike shelters means they can be placed neatly in car parks or beside buildings and can offer the choice of a small or large cycle parking area.

Our contemporary styled cycle shelters will suit modern architecture, office buildings, retail and leisure parks, to suit the surrounding environment and to match corporate style or brand. While our steel industrial styled cycle shelters will suit outside manufacturing plants, warehouses and factories.

With many of our cycle shelters there are a variety of cycle rings or cycle hoops to choose from to offer different levels of security and the option to lock bikes by the wheel or frame.

Glasdon also offer bike stands which are ideal if space is limited or there is only a small demand for cycle parking, or cycle lockers which offer increased protection from theft or vandalism.