Waiting Shelters & Wall-Mounted Canopies

Our attractive, robust shelters and caopies are ideal for providing weather cover at bus stops and on train platforms. They have also been popular for schools to be used as sheltered parent waiting areas in school playgrounds and as a place where children can eat their lunch outside with weather protection.

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These can also be used as sheltered activity areas or to act as dugouts on school playing fields, or by astroturf, netball courts and tennis courts.

The canopies we offer are ideal for use at building entrance shelters, rain cover for cash machines and pay and display meters or a smoking area outside workplaces and shops.

Glasdon waiting shelters and canopies are robust and durable, offering long service life and resistance to vandalism and weather corrosion. Our shelters can also be tailored to your needs. We offer a variety of roof options including flat, pitched and domed, and where the openings are placed can be flexible. Personalisation with logos and branding is also available.

The addition of an optional notice board allows you to add messages such as timetables and advertising. By adding outdoor seating such as a bench or perch seat a comfortable waiting area or rest area is created.

We also offer shelters and canopies for specific purposes, such as motorbike and cycle shelters. Our canopies and shelters will meet legal regulations for designated smoking areas which can be provided as a package with a cigarette bin and signage.